Keaka O Kalani

We are a hula and polynesian dance school based in Boulder, Colorado. Keaka O Kalani is a sister school to Northern Colorado Hula School in Fort Collins, CO and to Kehulili O Kailani in Encinitas, CA and is under the guidance of Kumu Hula Randy Kaulana Chang of Hula Halau Kaulana Ka Hale Kula O Na Pua O Ka Aina in Torrance, CA.

As many students of this art form have come to realize, hula often becomes a way of life to those who learn it. Hula is more than a dance — it is a way to communicate, cherish and preserve Hawai’i’s rich history. Each mele (song) and it’s accompanying dance can become a history lesson, an anthropological journey, and a means to appreciate what the Hawaiian people, their history and legends bring to the wonderfully diverse cornucopia of cultures that, in the end, represent all of us.

Keaka O Kalani holds classes for both adults on Monday nights and children on Tuesday evenings.  To learn more about our classes, please click here.

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